Circe, the Reincarnation of Athena

Full Name: Circe Petride

Known as: Queen Circe

Race/Species: Reincarnation of the Greek Goddess Athena

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bissexual

Age: 26

Body Type: Lean

Hair Color: White/Greish

Eye Color: Dull-ish pink

Skin/Fur Color: Pale

Scars: From past deaths

Tattoos: None

Piercings: None

Current Occupation: Queen of her Kingdom

Personality Details: Circe does not recall her true roots. She is a fair and just woman, looking to make sure her kingdom lives in peace. As someone who looks to bring justice and make sure people are treated accordingly, she is determined and focused. However the dreams and faint memories she has from past lives make her feel confused as she does not know she is truly Athena.

Abilities: Besides being an amazing strategist in battle, Circe has the ability of knowing every piece of knowledge once she acquires it. Meaning that she has a huge library where she has gotten her wisdom from. Unknown to her, she is able to grow Owl like wings from her back.

Backstory: (to work on)
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