Sally Allen

A fiery personality, though, can be quite clumsy.... or so others perceive. In reality, she is quite the mischievous one. Sally, in her early teens, is what many might call 'A Believer.' Vantriluiqy, or the art of making puppets appear to be alive, was quite popular, and Sally happened to have a Vantrilaquest as a neighbor. She was a nice old woman with snow colored hair and cognac eyes. Though, there was something quite special about her puppets. They were quite alive. They also happened to be quite.... unstable, to word it lightly. Sally befriended one of them Mrs. Norton (her neighbor) had named Leonard. She was teased quite often for telling others she was friends with a puppet since a young age. This created a rather large gap between her and the other children. One day, a switch seems to flip in Leonard. Triggered by his 'Mother' Mrs. Norton, he confronts Sally. She accuses his mother of lying. (the argument is not something Sally can readily remember) He kills her with a dull kitchen knife, and yet, something strange indeed occurs. A man clad in shadows appears, and Leonard transforms into a young man as Sally lies there. She caught bits and pieces of the conversation, but only enough to hear "You ended a Believer's Life Light. Now, you will pay the Price." That is when she drifted off. Blood loss, more than likely. However, when she awakens, she has scarcely a scratch upon her. She should be dead, yet... New abilities that are quite handy arise from within her. Controlling living organisms movements... almost as if they were puppets.... Now Sally is on a mission. One to find Leonard and the Shadow Clad Man... by any means necessary.

Age: 19
Eyes: A pretty gun metal blue
Skin: Pale
Talents: Manipulation of Another's Bodily Movements
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