Christine Williams

Loyal to a fault with a soft heart, Christine is quite the companion. She has resided with a Pack of Lycen's known as 'the White Fang' since she was a wee lass, grown and raised in their ways. Her gifts make her a rather useful girl. The gift to move things with her mind. Unfortunately, her abilities are more tied to her emotions than she might like, and requires a vast amount of concentration to keep them stable. Her gift becomes quite destructive when emotions run amuck. This champion mainly resides in London a little before the industrial revolution sparked. A curious mind, and a curious heart will surely gain her trouble.

Hair: Rust colored/ mid back/ quite curly
Eyes: soft grey/ slanted a bit upwards
Skin: Pale/ freckles marring her cheeks and nose
Species: Half Human with some demonic lineage
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 140lbs
Gifts: Telekinesis

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