E'hala- The Story Weaver

My name is E'hala. Simply E'hala. A woman who as drifted between the worlds for as long as mine memory serves.
Though it was a strange process of my transcendence, those I have come to encounter have begun to call me upon the name 'The Story Weaver,' as I spin the tales of all I meet upon strange parchment.
Many a strange world I have come to explore. Some sailed across the skies in glorious ships while others chose their home amongst the sea's. Some were of the woodland breed, melding with the shadows as they faced the perils before them. From advanced societies to those of the Grim Ages, I have been witness to many such peoples. However, those who stick are the comrades I travel with upon my journeys. Those who's tales of valor are written upon the parchment that seems to never end.
'We are but scribes in the Sands of Time and Myth. Whether it be the Waking World, or be it the Dream State, it is the burden we must partake as Weavers. '
Pray tell, when will my next adventure begin?

Race: Starlic Weaver
Age: Unkown
Abilities: Realm Walking/ Recording Events that occur without having to actually write it/ Summoning things I have recorded (Champions)
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