Elise Erina

Elise Erina exists in a world known as Alnira. A fiery personality paired with a sharp tongue make her a rather... difficult lass to handle. Though she might seem like a ruffian, she happens to own a Shop in Undaris, the desert town in which she resides.
Her mother departed this world upon her fourteenth name day, and Elise has been mostly to herself since that day. However, this only increased her bottomless curiosity for machinery and Old World Technology.
Not much is known about the Old World. Simply that a strange virus wiped out all life that existed upon the planet. However, Elise has a specific talent for finding Old World Technology. Namely Orthius, a strange, lizard like machine with a creaking voice and glowing orange orbs for eyes. Since she was quite a young lass, Orthius has been in her company. Unbenounced to her mother, of course, as Old World Tech is forbidden to possess.
The fact that only she can hear him speak? THAT simply adds to the mystery...

Hair: Walnut Brown/ back of the shoulder blades/ quite curly
Eyes: A lovely hazel coloration with golden flecks
Skin: Slightly sun tanned/ typically marred with dirt and grim from her profession
Age: 22
Height: 5'7''
Weight: 147
Talents: Solves puzzles unusually fast/ Speaks Old World Tongue, even if she doesn't quite realize it.
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