Lauren Johnson

Name: Lauren Johnson

Race: human

Adopted family: mother- Annabelle Johnson, father- Tristan Johnson

Birth family: father- king Arthur Pendragon, mother- queen Guinevere Pendragon

Age: 18-28

Backstory: Lauren was born in the medieval ages of Europe to the king and queen of Camelot. Morgana, her father's half sister tossed her forwards in time to prevent Arthur from having an heir. She landed in North Carolina during the late 1990's and was adopted by the young couple that found her. She was always the popular girl in school and seemed to be a natural born leader. She was also known for breaking the rules.

Likes: breaking the rules, doing what people don't expect, medieval history and stories, Arthurian legends, girls, boys who respect her

Dislikes: bullies, men mistreating her, smoking
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