All you need to know about Brianna

Full Name- Brianna Nicole Reynolds
Nicknames: Bria, Anna,
Age- 23
Specie- Human
Birthday-May 20. 1994
Birth place- Texas
Race- Caucasian
Nationality- Hungarian
Sexuality- Straight
Occupation- Singer
Brother(S)- None
Sister(S)- None
Cousin(S)- None
Son(S)- None
Daughter(S)- None

Hair color- Blonde
Eye color- Blue
Skin tone- White
Height- ''5'2"
Weight- 16.5 LBS
Health- Very Well
Disorders- (None)

Trust Issues
Drinking Problem
Flirt .
Easily Triggered
Cursing 99% of the time

Good in bed. ;)

Drugs- None
Pets- Two cats - Indy and Eliehsen
Cars- Covert
Laptop- Apple
Phone- iPhone
Right Or Left- Right handed
Hates: Raisins
Favorite Romantic Movie: The Notebook
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Candy: Chocolate candy bar
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Color To Wear: Any colors
She Likes Coke
Best Friend: Gabby
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Currently living in Los Angela's ,California
Celebrity Crush:
Favorite Number: 4
Favorite Toothpaste: Colgate
she brushes her teeth in the shower
Favorite show: The Vampire Dairies
Favorite Movie: Twilight
Favorite Saying: "bitch please"
Shoe size: 7.5
Likes: hanging out with friends, going to the club, going to the beach, and going to the mall.
Dislikes: lairs, cheaters, bullsh*t, and jackasses.
Face Claim: Riley Alessandra

⠀⠀⠀⠀✿ BIO:

⠀⠀⠀⠀✿ Brianna wasn't like any other girl at her age, she was simply been hurt in her life. When she turn the age of 16ten she turned to drugs it went all the way to the age she is now. When her ex broke her heart she nearly lost it and almost took her life but when she went to college she meet a girl name Gabby and she helped Brianna with everything. She even helped her with not wanting to herself at all. Brianna soon became really close friends to Gabby and Brianna was happy to have gabby as a friend. Brianna wouldn't be anything out with her best friend right now. Brianna soon wishes that she could find that special someone to be in her life and hope that guy will love her for her and not just for sex
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