Sean- The Time Dimensional Ranger (Power Rangers R

Sean comes the far future, he was sent to protect all rangers and to help them on their journeys against the forces of evil. Sean was picked to take the place of the protector of rangers all across time for his fighting skills and was perfect to help all those in need across time and space. Sean would appear in different time zones, mostly when the rangers were in need the most and helps them defeat whatever monster that is troubling. Like his father he was born to take the place of protector of time and space and would do anything to help the rangers. Since he was in many time periods he has obtained different skills and powers to help, that includes three megazoids that he would use. The megazoids rated Mark 1,Mark 2 and Mark 3. Sean arch enemy is Scorpius since he was the one who destroyed his father much like Magna Defenders son. Sean now has a simply quest and that's to protect time and space and whoever that is in need and keep the time space continuum in check.

Name- Sean
Age- Unknown but is between 18 and 23
Eye color- Ocean Blue
Hair color- Dark Brown
Sex- Male
height- 6'0
weight- 156
Megazord- Varies
Weapon- Quasar Saber

(Main Megazord)
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