Sean- The Time Traveling Ranger (Power Rangers Rp)

No one really knows where this ranger has come from since he comes out of nowhere most of time. But this ranger normally comes in when the rangers are in trouble and need help. The time force rangers have said that he is not one of them or from their time but maybe someone who has the tech to time travel like them. Sean is a powerful ranger who is very skilled in fighting, his weapon is a white and gold with blue details dagger that can shoot a bolt of energy and his megazord varies. When the rangers up this mysterious ranger to their leader, they normally don't have a answer about who he is. Sean is assumed to be a protector of time but that's all they can guess from him.

Name- Sean
Age- Unknown
Eye color- Ocean Blue
Hair color- Dark Brown
Sex- Male
height- 5'11
weight- 156
weapon- Ivory Dagger
Megazord- Varies

(Main Megazord)
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