Age: Mid-to-late 50s
Place of birth: Unknown, Ukrainian SSR
Bio: Scar is an imposing muscular 6'3'' veteran mercenary who's seen many engagements, he gets his moniker from a prominent scar that runs across his temple. When he worked as a freelance mercenary his loyalties were tied more closely to his employer's wallet than their ideals. But he has a strange affinity for The Zone - he survived 2 Emissions which are lethal radiation storms and he's ex-Monolith. In 2011 while trying to prevent Strelok from reaching the Chernobyl NPP for Clear Sky who did not want Strelok interfering with the C-Consciousness, having been enraged by Strelok's previous expeditions to yhe NPP, which could have resulted in The Zone expanding. During this firefight a massive Emission took place and Scar was forcibly converted by the C-Consciousness to serve the Monolith as Charon, the Pripyat field commander of the cultists. When Strelok destroyed the C-Consciousness Scar and all the other Monolith Thralls were released from their service to it.
Now he wanders with next-to-no memory of his life before Monolith and with a dry sense of humour and stoic nature he continues life as a mercenary.
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