Age: Mid-to-late 50s
Place of birth: Unknown, Ukrainian SSR
Bio: Scar is an imposing muscular 6'3'' veteran mercenary who's seen many engagements, he gets his moniker from a prominent scar that runs across his temple. When he worked as a freelance mercenary his loyalties were tied more closely to his employer's wallet than their ideals. But he has a strange affinity for The Zone - he survived 2 Emissions which are lethal radiation storms and he's an ex-thrall of Monolith having temporarily been a field commander for them in Pripyat. In 2011 while trying to prevent Strelok from reaching the Chernobyl NPP with the aid of the illusive faction Clear Sky who did not want Strelok interfering with the C-Consciousness which had been enraged by Strelok's previous expeditions to the NPP, which could have resulted in The Zone expanding. During this firefight a massive Emission took place and Scar was forcibly converted by the C-Consciousness to serve the Monolith as Charon, the Pripyat field commander of the cultists. When Strelok destroyed the C-Consciousness Scar and all the other Monolith Thralls were released from their service to it.
Now he wanders with next-to-no memory of his life before Monolith and with a dry sense of humour and stoic nature he continues life as a mercenary.
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