Krov-Zhu, Lord of the Mars Sphere

Great Krov-Zhu is ever a bloodthirsty god, and of all the Daemon Lords he is the most terrible, for it is his delight to slay and lay waste to everything that lies beneath his feet and the very lust to conquer what was once free drives him onward across the heavens and through the spheres. It was he who laid waste to the Ancient Beings, who had long possessed the sovereignty of this world before he descended in his grey leather wings through the upper gate opened by Zaiocnug.

As hungry wolves on an unguarded flock they fell and crushed the great stones of the barrier walls of the Ancient Beings into sand. Even the amorphous shoggoths were driven as chaff in the wind before their fury. Who can measure the strength of the shoggoth, yet it is whispered by ancients that dwell in the depths that is strength was without avail against the might of this Lord.

For long aeons, the Daemon Lords reigned our the world after vanquished of the Ancient Beings, their palaces and cities secure under the protection of Krov-Zhu and his armies. No foe could defeat him, save only time itself, for the heavens revolve unceasing in their courses and care nothing or the will of men, or of the Daemon Lords.

The very stars became poisonous to the Daemon Lords on or world, and so they withdrew in bitter rage to bide their purpose until the sky was once more wholesome. Yet Krov-Zhu would not depart from the lands he conquered. He devised a work of powerful magic that would keep him safe deep within his citadel he had made for himself on the mountain that overshadowed his capital of Il’vakli, Within a tomb protected by great seals he lay as in death, yet he dreamed and in his dreams contained to rule the world, for his thoughts mastered the wills of all lesser creatures.
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