▬ basic information

first name: Cassius
middle name: N/A
sur name: N/A
nickname: Cass
age: 965
birthdate: October 26, XXXX
gender: Male
species: Wolf Hybrid
orientation: Bisexual
location: RP Pending

Note: Cassius is played as mostly feral though can be played in a more "human" manner.

▬ physical description

face claim: N/A
hair color: Dark purple
hair style: N/A
eye color: Light blue
height: 9'8 [ Foot to shoulder]
weight: 298 lbs
complexion: ghostly pale
body type: Muscular
tattoos/birthmarks: Halfmoon markings on his shoulders.

▬ wardrobe


▬ abilities

powers: Enhanced strength and speed
weaknesses: Magic; Harnessed Star Power

▬ health issues

physical: N/A
mental: N/A

▬ personality

- Intellectual
- Cocky
- Indifferent
- Enigmatic
- Caring; case by case
- Distant
- Tolerant
- Sarcastic

▬ hobbies

Hunting, though many hobbies are RP pending.

▬ other

favorite food: Meat; Mainly deer
favorite book: RP Pending
favorite music: RP Pending
favorite movie: RP Pending
favorite color: RP Pending

▬ past

WIP - I need to mull this over more. Though I have an idea.
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