Zaiocnug, Lord of the Jupiter Sphere

A certain race of Daemons called ‘Liz’acri’ came to our world in the distant beginning of time before the making of man, and who fought the Ancient Beings and drove them deep into the southern frozen waste, give their greatest honor to Zaiocnug, whose existence is in unending harmony with all dimension and all continuance. But the creatures of the Cosmos call him in their own tongue of flashing colored lights “The Transcendent Lord”.

These Liz’acri remaining in our world in the high lands of the east continue to serve him, and acts as his agents and messengers. Only Zaiocnug has the power to open the way between their distant homeland beyond the Dark Star, for he guards the heavenly gates jealously even as he creates and destroys them from moment to moment with his dancing colors.

Truly the great sage Labashi Sien wrote that the face of Zaiocnug is the face of the heavens itself. He and the vastness of space are the same, and the turning, interlocked circles of the spheres are the orderly progression of his thought. Some moving fast and other slowly, even as turn the band of the astrolabe to mark the motions of the wandering stars.

He is known only by his face, for his very body is the universe. Yet not the very matter of creation, but the measurements of angles and distances between. Zaiocnug is no tangible thing and can only be perceived as a shimmering array of colors such as may be seen on the shell of a beetle or the wing of a dragonfly beneath the sun.
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