Guidelines and Rules

I suppose I should make one of these, shouldn't I?

Pretty basic stuff, if you ask me. I don't really share personal details about myself; please don't ask. I will, however, state that the admin of this page is male.

Respect me and I'll do the same; got it?

I won't be doing random adds. I'm rather picky about my partners and selective. Don't come here with your lack of grammar and inability to spell because you're not going to get very far.

If you add me, message me first. I don't want to have to do what you should do.

In accordance to my aforementioned poke at grammar, I do expect you to be able to write coherent sentences with proper punctuation. I don't want to have to sit here and decipher a paragraph of what you've written.

Please don't low ball me. Honestly, all my details are etched out on my profile. I write in multiple paragraphs. Too long? Then go bark up someone else's tree. I expect the same out of my partner. Is that too much to ask? I'm not trying to nit pick. I swear.

Yes, I do 18+ RP. But, that's not going to be the main focus; unless otherwise stated. Story and plot over other things.

General courtesy to my rules will get you far; very far.
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2 | May 16th 2018 11:48