Maj. Alexander Degtyarev

Age: (Mid-to-late 30s)
Place of birth: Pripyat, Ukraine
Bio: A military STALKER/Spetsnaz officer for the Ukrainian Security Services (USS/SBU), he is a man of unassuming height at 5'9'' and of athletic build. He was dispatched to The Zone after an expedition into the centre of The Zone called Operation Fairway failed in 2012. After accomplishing his mission and successfully extracting all the surviving military personnel from The Zone he was given the role of permanent USS observer in The Zone.
He has a strong family tradition of serving in the military, having been the grandson of Vasily Degtyarev, a weapons designer in the Second World War. He grew up in Pripyat until the disaster in 1986 where he was evacuated alongside his family. His personality is mostly phlegmatic, cool and calm under pressure with a hinting of eccentricity and maverick behaviour which suits the solitary life of a military STALKER well.
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