Icnaadri, Lord of the Saturn Sphere

From the beginning, man has always feared the serpent. Why this lowly creature that crawls upon its belly and nests beneath the earth should be an object of dread and wonder has been forgotten, though the causes are echoed in our dreams and in the myths of our ancestors. In sacred books concerning the creation, it is indeed the serpent who teaches wisdom to our ancestors, and for its reward it is written that humankind and serpentkind are forever after to become deadly enemies.

And so it came to pass.

The serpent has ever been regarded as the wisest of living things, and deathless, for it renews itself by the shedding of its skins. Know the wisdom of the serpent is the very wisdom of Icnaadri, most ancient of the Daemon Lords. In the dimness of time, Icnaadri made approach to the ancestors of man and spoke silently into their minds. He offered to teach them the secret of eternal life in return for loyalty and worship.

But the Ancient Prophets feared the knowledge of Icnaadri and rejected the covenant with the most ancient Daemon, lest their souls be tainted with the poison of the viper. For this reason, all snakes are killed at first sight, even though they be harmless and offer no inconvenience.

But not all the people followed the will of the Ancient Prophets. Some made secret pacts with the Serpentine Lord, and they are known by their adoration of his favored creature.

Many are the places of his worship. He is strong in the temples of the eastern lands, where the basilisk is especially revered and protected as the monarch of serpents, for it consumes lesser snakes as prey and stands upright upon its tail to the height of a man, and its gaze has the power of causing entrancement in the mids of those who look into its eyes.
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