Titania Anderson

Titania Anderson
Species:witch and fox demon hybrid
Appearance : ankle-length black hair that fades into red past her hips , One red and one blue eye. Her skin is almost pure white she has a scars covering both of her arms. She has a decent sized chest and a small waist.
She wears a black skirt with a brown v-neck tank top,high heeled boots, She also wears elbow length black gloves to cover the scars.

Past: she had a decent childhood growing up with only her mom,her father was always overseas working for his business.But a car crash happened when she was twelve, her arms had gone through the windshield cause there to scars covering them to her elbows,she currently works at the “Tincup” as a waitress,the tincup is a bar in downtown chicago where they only use top shelf quality alcohol only. The tincup is run by slender man and creepypasta frequant it .
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