Lucinda of Eden

Lucinda grew up hundreds of years ago in a time that God's seemed to watch the world with a closer look. Growing up in a small village she looked over the green fields and figured that they needed something more to them then just rolling greens.

So going on a massive travel she would collect numerous different types of flowers and place them in a garden around her small cottage. Most people found the sight of the colour nice and the goddess of beauty and the wild was also impressed someone would travel and risk so much.

It was then that the cold times and plague tore through the village. In numerous meetings, the only change over the generation that had occurred was the flowers that she had brought and she was convicted of all the deaths. Promptly she was seized and burned alive in her own home.

Yet upon her death, the Goddess of beauty and the wild cried and begged the Gods of both life and death to bring her back. Yet to cross from death to life leaves a mark and Lucinda loses memories every 19 years when she would have died.

Her bear companion remains to help her and she is protected by the goddess's protection. Recently she has caught the attention of numerous powerful forces who see her as a way to win wars and warp her beauty into destruction.

The issue is to turn a rose into a weapon you just need the thorns and not the flower.
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