Universes I RP

Hellsing (There'd be a problem if I didn't include this all things considered.)
DC (Mainly street level characters.)
Marvel (Rarely, not too big on it these days tbh.)
Elder Scrolls (Mention ESO and I unfriend you...Probably not actually, though I hate it a bit more then I hate Skyrim. Feel free to ask why.)
Star Trek (Before it's grand butchery.)
Grisaia no Kajitsu
Goblin Slayer
Hotline Miami
Deus Ex
The Witcher
Forgotten Realms
Star Wars (Legends only, it's done everything Disney has but better and isn't a complete Dumpster fire.)
Assassins Creed (Sometimes.)
Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid (Say anything and I bash your head in.)
Castlevania (Original timeline, games and the anime.)
The Legend of Zelda
Ace Attorney
Legacy of Kain

There's more...But my fingers hurt so I'll stop here.
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