Adam Jensen

Adam Jensen was born on March 9, 1993. At a very young age, he was one of a group of infants subjected to experimental genetic therapy treatments by White Helix Labs, a subsidiary of VersaLife. All of the children, aside from Jensen, died as a result of the treatments. Two scientists in charge of Adam found out they had succeeded with him, but had grown too attached to let VersaLife continue experimenting on him. Not wanting any more children to undergo the same treatments, they burned down the facility where the experiments had taken place. They were later murdered by the Illuminati and reported as fire casualties, but their plan worked, and infant Jensen was rescued by a kind-hearted nurse named Michelle Walthers. Walthers was acquainted with a couple who desired a child and at age five he was unofficially adopted by loving parents, Arthur and Margie Jensen.
With his adopted parents, Jensen was raised in a blue-collar neighborhood in Detroit and was a B-average student with no notable youthful indiscretions. Relying solely on Arthur's income, money was always tight for the family; Margie lacked the skills and emotional temperament needed to maintain a job. When Margie lost a job she would pull Adam from school to go on "an adventure" they could not afford--these outings were some of Adam's happiest memories but were also tinged with guilt and uncertainty. He grew up unaware of his origins, and believing that his adopted parents were his birth parents. His relationship with his parents and adopted family appears to have been good as, in Jensen's apartment in Detroit, an old photograph of relatives is seen hanging in the living room. While Jensen does not speak often of his parents, he does mention that his mother sometimes kept him waiting, and would not want to see him in a brothel.

While Jensen had escaped White Helix Labs, its legacy had altered his life forever. Unbeknownst to Walthers, Jensen, or anyone else, the White Helix gene therapy had permanently altered Jensen's biochemistry. His body would not reject PEDOT electrodes with glial tissue buildup; if anything, the bond between tissue and electrode would strengthen with time, possibly without limit. If he were to be augmented, he would not require Neuropozyne. For the thirty years that followed the White Helix experiment, Jensen would unknowingly carry the secret of universal augmentation in his DNA.

As a young man Jensen earned a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice from Phoenix University and Ferris College, according to the framed diplomas in his office. In The Missing Link DLC it is noted that Jensen received an Associates degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Phoenix, Detroit. At the age of 21 he joined the Detroit Police Department. He graduated in the top ten percent of his Police Academy class. In 2018, he joined the Department's SWAT unit and was accepted under the command of Quincy Durant, becoming the leader of Team Two.

During this time period Jensen met Sarif Industries scientist Megan Reed, beginning what would become one of the most important relationships of his life. As of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Jensen had known Megan Reed for ten years. The two began a romantic relationship in 2019, going so far as to consider "settling down together," before splitting in 2023. The separation was amicable and Jensen and Megan remained friends and shared ownership of their dog, Kubrick.

In 2020, Jensen and Durant confronted Tyrell Banks, an augmented murderer, who severely injured Durant before being killed by Jensen. Durant was saved by augmentation surgery, something he did not agree with philosophically. In the following years, Jensen witnessed and grew concerned with Durant's increasing aggression and corruption growing with his new powers.

Jensen rose quickly through the ranks as part of SWAT Team Two, eventually becoming the commander, but his police career came to an end during an incident known as the Mexicantown Massacre. A young augmented boy was identified as dangerous, and Jensen was given the order to shoot to kill. He refused that order, and it was passed on to another member of Jensen's team, Wayne Haas. It appears that Durant was somehow involved in the incident, as Jensen confronted him just as the riots were calming down. He defeated Durant with an EMP grenade and a bullet in the head, and quit the force soon after. Haas was then promoted into Jensen's vacant slot, though didn't last long under the pressure of guilt concerning the shooting.
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