Here are my rules during roleplaying:

1. If you don’t respond within a week, I’ll notify you, but I won’t spam you unless you want me to or you’re fine with me spamming. If you are fine with it, tell me, or I’ll just assume that you aren’t fine with it. Consider yourself warned.

2. I control my characters, not you. I’ll let you suggest what I do, but I control them.

3. I’m not a furry, and refuse to RP as a furry of any sort whatsoever, so don’t ask me. No exceptions.

4. I don’t do er*t*ca. Romance, I’m lenient to, but other than that, no. If it gets too far, I’ll let you know (I’ll ask to skip/time-skip to afterwards).

5. Some fandoms I just don’t do, so please let me know which fandom, or else I’m gonna be confused.

6. I came here to have fun. If you came here for sex, you know where the door is.

7. Relationships between characters I’m lenient to, Just not too far.

Thank you for understanding, and hope you and I have fun Roleplaying.
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3 | Apr 16th 2018 10:47
LunaLittleBird Cooolio :3