Imperial Defender and M.E.S.S.

Kyung goes to Don's apartment after a very long day of training. She is officially a trainee of the Imperial Defenders and has the uniform. it looks like this, plus tight pants, black boots and gloves, in different colors according to the rank.
- Red and with black details to the normal ID.
- Light blue and with white details for the new recruits.
- Black and with golden details for the officers.
- Peng has a similar one, but more armored and black and with silver details.

Don looks at her from head to toe. "Wow...look at you."
She is very tired though and just yawns. "I'm going to sleep soon. I am so tired."
"Alright. Want to eat first?"
"Ye, is it ready?"
"Mhm." He heads to the kitchen and she follows. They sit by the table and eat a heart each. "How did it go?"
"I can't complain. Chin was quite good explaining and training. And you? Making Sao work hard?"
He snorts at the question, taking a beer from the fridge. "He is doing better than expected. He stopped puking, that's something."
She lets out a chuckle. "He is such a dumbass. It susprises me he is able to raise a finger."
"Don't be like that with him, he is not that bad." He drinks some beer, sitting next to her. "I feel sorry for him actually, his father really treats him very bad. Good only at punishing him...he won't learn anything that way."
"You pity him?" She raises an eyebrow.
"Not exactly. For the time he will stay with me though, hope he will become better."

The morning after he goes to the butchery to work as usual while Kyung goes to Peng's school. Sao meets with Don at the butchery and they begin to work.
Don always act very kind towards Sao and he is starting to show a soft side of him.
Before the end of the day, Don gives one last thing to do to Sao. "Kid, can you go to bring this to the restaurant? Fuji Wok, the one next to the flower shop, you know it?"
"Yes, I am going."
"Alright, then you can go home. We are done."

Sao indeed heads to the restaurant with the large box of meat but he doesn't arrive. On the way he is surrounded by four men dressed in black. There is almost no one else on that street.
He looks around terrified and aims to run but they grab him and kidnap him.

The morning after Don receives a magic mail from Siwang. | My son is still there? |
| No, General. He left yesterday afternoon and hasn't arrived yet. |
| He didn't return home yesterday. Let me know if you find out anything. |
Don's eyes widen as he reads that. He asks for more informations to Siwang but he hasn't any yet.

STARTER 1. Don doesn't even go to work that morning, after the messages of Siwang he starts to head towards the restaurant where Sao was supposed to go.
On the way though he sees the box of meat on the ground. It is messed up.
He begins to look around for something, but there is nothing at all there apart from the box, that he can find. "F***, Sao...what happened..." He rubs his forehead, stopping and deciding to write again to Siwang to tell him what he found and where.


Where did Sao end up?

STARTER 2. Sao finds himself in a dark room, completely alone. He is terrified, he is in tears already. "No, no! This can't be! YOU KNOW WHO MY FATHER IS?! I AM SAO FIDEL KHAN! JUST WAIT UNTIL MY FATHER NOTICES I DISAPPEARED!"
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HongRin "Yeah." He meanwhipe writes everything to Siwang that meanwhile arrived to the other place where Sao was kidnapped.
"Hopefully they know what to do more than I do." As he is not experienced at all with crimes and this kind of things.

Sao. "Ah, the Karate and the Ju Jitsu people. My father only teached me some kung fu but I was not strong enough for it. I am a Nimox, I am only agile...
You are named like a plant, it is weird. Who named you that way? It is not ugly anyway, just weird.
Ye and you? Where do you come from?"
Hwayi Gogun. «I guess that if a General can't find his son, nobody can.» Even though some supernatural support never hurts, not even a General.

«You are a nimox? Really?» As he didn't notice any tail or other strange feature in him.
He shrugs. «I guess my name was chosen by all my dads together? I can't remember when was it that they gave me this name.» Just as much as he has no clue how he ended up with them. He was way too little to remember.
«I come from here. And my other fathers' places.»
Ethan_Fox He receives a magic mail from Althus at that time, reading it...and being a bit o.o but not minding it. "Huh...seems I got a mission to do in a few hours. Different world.
Will you two inform me if you manage to catch something about the missing kids? I want to help how I can."
HongRin ''Yeah, sure. I'll let you know, I'm being some kind of informer, I'll have a lot to write and to different people.'' He snorts.

Sao. ''Ye, I'm a Lynx Nimox.'' He points the end of his back. ''My tail is little, clothes cover it all the time.
Ah...they didn't tell you? My parents told me, and also the reason why this cool name! Sao, because he was like a father for my dad, and Fidel, because of the meaning.'' Tsk, he talks even western fluently. //XD
''They are all like this? Their places. Or they are better? Like without fields with people working in them.''