T.J. Hammond

✗General characteristics
‣ Name: Thomas James Hammond
‣ Gender: Male
‣ Age: 29
‣ Species/Race: Human
‣ Birthplace: Washington
‣ Sexuality: Gay, sometimes Bisexual

✗Physical characteristics
‣ Faceclaim: Sebastian Stan
‣ Height: 1,80 m
‣ Hair Color/Style: Brown
‣ Eye Color: Blue
‣ Tattoos:-
‣ Piercings: -
‣ Scars: -

‣ Smoke: Yes
‣ Alcohol: Yes
‣ Drugs: Yes

✗Personality: This guy is full of trouble. He is addicted to many things and he can't stop because of the pain. He just wants to make his parents proud but they are not believing in him. He is trying so hard to earn something in life but he always falls back in the dark hole.

He is a the son of the former President of the United States and the secretary of state.

He once tried to kill himself because he lost the man he loved and the second time he accidentally killed himself but not on purpose.

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Political Animals
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