A New Purpose.

She had spent the past few hours alone in the library. The place was a wonder unto itself, filled with hundreds upon hundreds of books that she doubted had ever been catalogued properly. Each shelf was filled with a myriad of topics that held no importance to this organisation judging on how they had been stored. Physics mixed with astrology, history pressed between fiction, and the mystical arts next to novels she'd rather not ever cast her eyes upon again.
The entire library was a mess. One large, unorganised disaster she had taken upon herself to remedy.
Days had passed since Loki had invited her to stay with the Avengers and she'd found unexpected emotional turmoil within the walls of this complex. The Avengers did not deign to bother her with their presence thankfully and she was largely left to do as she wished.
Some would call such an existence boring. She found it rather liberating...until it wasn't anymore.
Yet she didn't count for one thing. On her own Amora's mind wandered into darker places that one should never roam alone. The news she had received had shaken her and her objective had been washed away as easily as moss upon a stone.
Perhaps it had been unwise to leave such a being alone, in a library, with copious amounts of anger simmering deep within the surface of her very soul.
She had had a purpose; to find Skurge and help aid Loki with the salvation of this world. Amora worked solely upon goals that would benefit herself, and almost cruely it had been snatched away within a blink of an eye.
The news of Skurge's passing had hit her harder than she had ever expected it would. She knew Loki would forever harbour the guilt of having told her, but loathing would have set into place had he not. This she could not tell him though; there was a fear, alongside the pain living deep within her heart that had overtaken what little emotion she had left.
Happiness was a single horizon away, lost in the distance that she could see but never feel. And yet she was afraid to lose what she had found; a fragment of what she had been longing for all these years. A place to belong, a man to love and be loved in return.
It was a secret she would take to the grave. Weakness was death. Weakness was failure. Her emotions had always been her weakness.
This was no different. As Amora catalogued each book and made notations on a system that would allow her to create references easily enough, her mind remained locked on her task. An iron will kept her thoughts from drifting, something she could not afford to allow.
But sometimes, when the corridors grew quiet long after the sun had set and the lights were switched off throughout the facility...Amora thought.
And she hurt.
It was a week to the day of finding out Skurge was gone and whom was at fault. Vengeance burned a wicked thread within and she ached to wrap her fingers around the throat of Hela, but Amora knew she could not do so alone. She had promised to help protect this world from the impending threat but her mind drifted. Sleep would not come, her nights filled with nightmares of those she had failed to protect and the silence paved the way for her innermost thoughts.
Skurge. Oh Skurge.
He had been one she had not deserved. An undeniable bond had existed between them even if one had harboured it stronger than the other. Amora had earned his love, yet most importantly his respect, and she had catered to his need to be known. To be important. To be needed.
She had kept him by her side not just to assist her, but to help her. Those outside of their circle only saw what they wished. They did not see the comraderie that had bonded the two closer than that of blood.
Standing in the library, alone with her thoughts, Amora raised a hand to touch the sudden heated trail she felt upon her cheek. Looking down at her fingertips, she noted how damp they were...and then it begun.
A rippling, whirling, spiralling darkness wrapped around her heart and tore apart what barriers she had tried to hold onto. With a gasp, she fell to her knees and clutched at her chest, tearing at her clothing as a sudden pressure pushed down upon her lungs. She could not breathe, could not see, could not think...
A sudden burst of light radiated out of her, blasting away books, shelves and whatever else Amora had within a small radius around her. The candles she had lit blew out as they were thrown aside, and pages of notes fluttered around her like leaves in the wind.
Glowing green eyes opened in the darkness. With a snarl, Amora raised her hands and shoved the darkness away, using the light she could pull forth with her magic to banish it. It filled the library with a vibrant green glow, illuminating the destruction she had caused yet she felt no regret. No...this was overdue. This was needed.
Everyone needed a release, and Amora was brimming with such emotion that it threatened to tear her apart.
With a deep inhale, Amora slid her eyes shut and teleported out of the Avenger's facility.

There was an island, hidden away in the section of earth mankind called the Carribean. It was here where she blinked back into existence, hovering like a shadow in the sky faintly lit by the impending sunrise. Streaks of red, orange and gold painted the horizon at her back as she raised her arms, eyes aglow as she let her magic take hold of her psyche.
The loss, the regret, the sorrow, the despair....it coalesced into a single bright bauble of brilliant gold light, held aloft in her hands as she focused upon it.
Into it she poured her heart and her soul, her love and her fears. Each weakness, each strength, each memory and every thought she pushed within this orb and watched as it grew hotter and brighter.
Hotter, and hotter, brighter and brighter, until she was a shining beacon of a star in an otherwise dark sky.
With a clap of power, the orb shot from her hands and descended toward the island she had found, streaking through the sky like the falling star it became.
Amora watched as it lit the ground, and watched as it impacted with a force that would light the sky for miles beyond.
She watched as the island was bathed in golden light, and watched as sudden emerald streaks of magic began to circle the very top of the highest peak.
She watched as green and white sparks of light began to fill the air, and she felt tears slide down her cheeks in small rivulets as golden sparks began to ignite deep within the core of the chaotic circle.
Slowly, ever so slowly, a sapling began to grow.

On top of the highest peak of a small island unknown and unmapped to humankind, Amora witnessed the birth of a tree, borne from everything her heart harboured and more. She laughed through her tears as she knelt at its base, watching as golden apples began to grow alongside silvery grey flowers, lining each majestic branch that reached toward the stars.
Once upon a time, in a life she could barely remember...Amora had been custodian of a tree that gave the Gods and Goddesses their endless life,
Here, upon Midgard, she would take that mantle again.
For Skurge, and for those she had failed, and for those she would love.
To protect this realm and to gain what she so fiercely desired, Amora would provide what her people had lost and would protect it with her life.
This...this would be her gift to the one she could love, and her new purpose.

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