How I Roll

Excessive and detailed violence isn't cool. I can do *some* action; I am a martial artist in real life.

I'm drama free! This is a Star Wars account! Chirrut is a kind, wise, and humorous character.

I personally cannot see Chirrut involved in romance, but we'll see what happens.

No controlling my character! (godmodding)

I felt like I need to clarify something:
I will roleplay only the character and genres I have chosen.

I am open to most crossovers. Just not the ones where your character lives in a universe in which Star Wars is fictional.
(It's not cool if your character tells Chirrut he's a fictional character. This isn't Deadpool).

Star Wars means the roleplay will have spiritual elements; Chirrut is a monk. Action, fantasy, and romance may also be involved. (Star Wars is fantasy, not science fiction).

I hope you understand me, and I can't wait to roleplay!
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