oc // hannie moon

name: hannie moon
nicknames and titles: han, hannie
age: 18
birthday: may 23
zodiac: gemini
sex: male
gender: male
sexuality: pansexual
pronouns: he/him
race: human, we... technically don't know?

♡ "how can i be human with these giant floppy ears on my head?!" ♡

hair: his hair is continuously being dyed but it is usually soft and a light colour.
eyes: his eyes are a light brown and his pupils are big.
height: 171 cm
weight: 65 kg
skin: his skin is really pale and he has bandages all over his arms and legs. he rarely gets spots.
style: his style consists of pastel type clothing. he enjoys wearing cute accessories, despite the weird looks he gets from other people. his favourite style of clothing has to be comfy and oversized sweaters. he is very fashionable

♡ "i get weird looks from people? tell them to fight me!" ♡

general personality: hannie is a downright tsundere. he rarely shows when he likes something and doesn't like to get his guard down. it's hard to make friends with this type of personality but at least it gets him to whittle down who really cares about him enough to stick by. despite this protective factor of his personality, on the inside, he is nothing but soft. he wants to find someone to make him happy forever and let him express how he is on the inside. he is extremely jealous, protective, and tends to spend his days alone to make him happy. he's a little bit obsessed with games and coffee and doesn't get too much sleep. he is anxious and has to be encouraged into doing things he may be not so experienced in. he likes praise and is quite competitive.

likes ♡
- cute items
- sleeping
- coffee
- money

dislikes ♡
- people
- loud crowds
- crowds in general
- parties

♡ "i like my friends, too~" ♡

mental illnesses: general anxiety
addictions: he... has an addiction to... coffee
allergies: cat

♡ "i'm a barista, how can i not be addicted to coffee?!" ♡


general health







♡ "my strength isn't that low! shut up!" ♡

brief backstory: wip
occupation: barista
relationship status: single, in like..?

♡ "i don't like anyone!" ♡

pet: failed echo ghost called blookie
- echo ghosts create shooting stars, maintain planets, galaxies and space generally, grant star wishes and take care of zodiac signs. they work extremely hard, and in a short amount of time. unfortunately, blookie was a slow echo ghost. he messed up taking care of pluto and suddenly, it wasn't even considered a planet anymore, because of him. he got banished and dumped onto earth where he found hannie and followed him around, copying everything he did. hannie hated him at first, looked at him as if it was a nuisance. hannie then learned to love blookie as much blookie loved him.

♡ "blookie is my favourite echo ghost!" ♡

(i will draw him soon~)
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