ComasS: Act 1


Not a long time ago, In a universe not so far away, because its literally earth....Far far away...

A young girl stands in her room, it just so happens that today, the 7th of march, is not at all this girl's birthday. Reference aside, though it was 17 years ago she was given life, it is only today she will be given a name...

Your name is ALEX and girl, are you ADVENTUROUS! Ever since you were young youve been lively and full of energy! Youve taken great inspiration from your favorite adventurers, more specifically, your top favorite adventurer, INDIANA JONES. you even have a state of the art WHIP, which you like to think was used by the man himself, despite the fact you got it from Tesco for 5 quid. You have long black hair that falls to yout hips, and hazel brown eyes. Your typical attire consists of a brown jacket, a white tshirt, black pants and brown shoes. You look out the window, watching your father drive off for his first day at his new job. Once he's gone youre free to do whatever you want.
ALEX--> What will you do?
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1 | Apr 16th 2018 04:05