Bradley Summers

Name: Bradley Summers
Age: 19
Godly parent: Apollo
Human parent: Diane Summers

Appearence: Bradley is 5'11" in height with a well toned, athletic build. He has short curly blonde hair, bright blue eyes and a small cut across the left eyebrow. He was born with a small birthmark on his right forearm which eventually grew and revealed itself to be a magical tattoo and a gift from his father.

Abilities: Bradley has many of the abilities that the children of Apollo possess. He is naturally athletic and excels in most physical sports and hand-to-hand combat. He is also skilled at archery, possessing a bow which is unique to him. While it is very rare for demigods, Bradley possesses photokinesis, but to a very limited extent.

Personality: Bradley is very confident and easy-going, getting along with most people easily. However, he does get very cocky and will usually not back out of challenges no matter how dangerous they could be.
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