Private lesson.

Given the poor results Tomiel is having in Anatomy, and since Jackil at the moment is not able to give her some help with it due to be overwhelmed by work, Cora decided she must go to Christoph to get some extra private lesson.
No need to say how Tomiel did not take the thing well, she is terrified by him and thinks he has something against her. The idea of going to his manor to have private classes doesn't reassure her one bit.
But at least, she won't be alone.
Shi has already to go there every day as he is her private professor, so she will be there. And Valery too will be there, as she would never lose the chance to do some extra classes, being the super scholar type, like real Hermione. Oliver on the other hand, prefers to stay with granny and fill himself with biscuits, also playing with Felix.

No one knows that Christoph has a daughter...yet.
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Sao ¬You will have to ask it to her not to me...
As we are at it...¬ He takes pen ink and paper and writes a bunch of questions and exercices for Valery. ¬Enjoy.¬

Tomiel. She keeps her head bowed looking like terrified. As soon as he corrects something she even jumps.

Shi. She starts to write her homework sooo lazily.
Sao Shi. She thinks Valery must have some serious problem to look so happy while doing Christoph's homework. Suffering at birth must have left a mark on her, after all. (XDDD)

He finishes to check Tomiel's notes and apart from a few little imprecisions, she took them properly. Which makes him really confused as to why she gets such poor results. Though, her current behaviour gives him some idea what might be the actual problem.
He writes 3 chemical equations. First one pretty difficult. Second one of medium difficulty. Third one extremely easy and linear. Once done, he hands the paper to Tomiel. «Solve these.» He stands up and starts to walk towards the door. «I will be right back.»

Tomiel. She freezes at the sight of the paper, even before seeing the equations, but as he walks away, she starts to work on it.
Sao Luckily, he is not a type of professor who complains about having to do his job, even though he could have surely spared himself from spending all the time it will take to read all she wrote. He would ask her if it was really so necessary to write that much... ._.
He goes to the kitchen to take some glasses of juice for the girls, though he takes some time to return, on purpose.
After about 5 minutes he comes back and places a glass in front of each girl including his daughter.
Sao He gives Valery a death stare at her questions. «Did I mention you were allowed to speak? -.- »
He sits back at his place and takes the paper off Tomiel's hands to see what she did, but first things first, he hands Valery a book. «Copy the first two chapters on your notebook. Tomorrow's lessons for your class will be through me testing you about these.» <3
Sao «It should have been given for granted.»
He rolls his eyes at her reaction, definitely nothing he was expecting. She is killing his convinctions of being a student-torturer-professor..though, the other ones seem still pretty traumatized.
He checks Tomiel's doing. The first one was flawless. The second one had a distraction mistake and the third one is left, so he hands her the paper again. All going according to his plan and confirming his theory. «Finish.»

Shi. O.O She looks at Valery with :S expression. «Are you masochist or just doing this to annoy him? » She whispers, she can't believe that she really could like it.