Zyon Rodriguez

Name:Zyon Rodriguez

Nick Name: "The Manipulative one" "The Mischievous one"





Hair Color:Black

Eye Color:Brown


Relationship Status:Single and Not Looking


Powers: Speed, Semi Godly Strength, Immortality, Youth


Loyalty: Zevah (Twin Sister) @Elementum
Zephyr (Ex Boyfriend) @Elementum
Mars (Adoptive Father) @Elementum

Back Story:One of 3 original wolves, Zyon is the one they call the most mischievous and manipulative one when it comes to war. Where Zephyr may falter at times, and her sister who is most loyal, she tends to find her life beside her sister while still doing her own thing. Glorifying in the gift of immortal youth in being a lycanthrope.

Zyon (name given by Mars as was done to her sister and Zephyr) was like any, normal royalty. Her twin sister, two minutes older than herself, hated with the royal life. But Zyon fell in love with it, loved the royal life style and the way she was treated. She didn't mind living to what people wanted, being the perfect person, expected to be flawless and preserved. Most days, it made her the happiest all if the parties and different people she got to meet, not to mention all of the guys who literally would give their lives for her. And she couldn't wait until the moment came where she became the Queen due to knowing how much her sister wanted to give it up and just live a normal life.

It wasn't until one mysterious night while her sister was away after she managed to steal one of the palace horse's was she visited by a man who didn't state his name as he didn't have to but he made her an offer, an offer of immortality and youth in a exchange to be one of his warriors and Zyon accepted instantly. Soon after she accepted she found herself in the woods reunited with her sister and Ex-Boyfriend Zephyr (Whom she secretly still loves) when the God muttered a few words before finally saying "Change". Only then just like her sister and Ex transform into a Gray wolf before the God looking and feeling out her new form that was given.

As the years went on, Zyon and her sister fought along side the gods in many wars which lead them to flawless victories without doubt or hesitation. Zyon is described to be a rather small cruvy woman who stands at five foot even with long jet black hair and deep chocolate brown eyes, with a semi athletic cruvy build. She is flirty and marches to the beat of her own drum, her personality can come off as kind as a counter act to her twin sister's firece ways, but Zyon is just as mischievous and manipulative as she is seductive willing to use her beauty and brains to get what she wants and how she wants, she can also be seen as cold due to her shattering heartbreak that she sufferd and still hasn't gotten over from Zephyr. Like her sister she used to live in Germany but after decade's of living in the country she decidedto move to New Orleans where she and her sister share an house.

Quote: "Don't hate the player baby, hate the game" -To Zevah

"Hahaha! I always get what I want, doesn't matter if you give it to me or not" -To Mars

"I do, say, and act how I want the only people I'd ever truly love are my sister and big daddy Mars" -To Ariel

"Welp that plan went out the window...Why don't we just rip him to shreads??!" -To Zevah

"I loved you, like I've never loved anyone, I let you in, I gave you my mind, my heart my body...I was a VIRGIN! Before I met you and you betrayed me" -To Zephyr

Face Claim: Camila Mendes

//HUGE credit goes to Alex @Elementum for the Big insperation and helping out with the back story! ♡♡
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