••• Full Name •••

Valery Elisabeth Winter

••• Pronunciation •••


••• Nickname(s) •••


••• Aliases •••

Wrath | hacker name

Unit-076 | possible code name

••• Gender •••


••• Species •••

Alien-Human Hybrid | possible clone

••• Age •••

33 years old

••• Birthday •••

January 9, 1985

••• Sexuality •••


••• Nationality •••


••• Religion •••


••• Place of Birth •••

Townsend, Wisconsin

••• Current Residence •••

Unknown | currently on the run

••• Languages Spoken •••






••• Native Language •••


••• Relationship Status •••



••• Height •••


••• Weight •••


••• Figure/Build •••


••• Hair Color •••

Red | naturally blonde

••• Hairstyle •••

Down, sometimes worn in a messy ponytail

••• Eye Color •••


••• Skin Color •••


••• Tattoos •••


••• Piercings •••


••• Scars/Distinguishing Marks •••

Faded Scar Underneath Ear

••• Preferred Style Of Clothing •••


••• Frequently Worn Jewellery/Accessories •••



••• Smoker •••


••• Drinker •••


••• Recreational Drug User •••


••• Addictions •••

Sweets, Wine Coolers

••• Allergies •••

Pollen and Cat Fur

••• Physical Illness •••


••• Medication •••

Currently None


••• Personality •••

Val is normally comfortable and shameless about her rebellious nature, she is also comfortable throwing caution to the wind and tweaking with the system if it means proving her point or getting her way, she is also drawn to the unknown ever since she was a young girl always ready to venture into the supernatural or just plain out bizarre. Due to being a fugitive Val travels instead of vacations, always never staying in one place for long. She believes highly in justice but also believes justice should be done in one's way. Val can be very convincing and manipulative if she needed someone to be on her side. She tends to have a very dark sense of humor but overall to strangers she is overly charming, however under that charming demeanor she is clever and resentful to her boss and partner who turned against her when she learned the truth of her true nature.

••• Likes •••

Rain Storms, Staying Up at Night, Paranormal Studies, Computer Games, Metal Music, Boxing, AK-47, Reading, Dogs, Helping People, Hikes, Dogs

••• Dislikes •••

Alarm Clocks, Toxic People, Arrogant People, Telemarketers, Obnoxious Know-It-All People, Computer Crashes, Blind Dates, Online Dates, Crowds, Politics

••• Phobias •••

Philophobia | the fear of falling in love or emotional attachment. The risk is usually when a person has confronted any emotional turmoil relating to love but also can be chronic phobia. This affects the quality of life and pushes a person away from commitment.

••• Favorite Color •••

Red, Black, Purple, Dark Blue

••• Hobbies •••


••• Powers •••

Technopathy | a psychic ability to control electronic machinery and read electronic signals.

••• Skills •••


Enhanced Agility


••• Education •••

Val graduated from Suring High School in 2003, she later attended Concordia University-Wisconsin to earn her master's degree in criminology.

••• Occupation •••

FBI agent | formerly

Hacker | currently


••• Known Relatives •••

Pastor Henry Winter | adoptive father | deceased

Rosemary Winter | adoptive mother | deceased

Brandon Winter | adoptive older brother | deceased

Ivy Lerper | possible half-sister | alive

Dr. Svetlana Petrov | creator/surrogate mother | alive

••• Significant Other •••

Garrett Sinclair | ex-lover | alive

••• Children •••

Lucy | possible cloned daughter | alive

••• Best Friend •••

Liu | best friend/fellow hacker | alive

Isabella | best friend | alive

••• Enemies •••

Dr. Svetlana Petrov | alive

Ivy Lerper | alive

William Harris / The Shadow | alive


A hybrid child called Unit-076 was created in an unknown government compound in Nevada. Rosemary, one of the nurses who had been stationed to monitor the health of other hybrids became attached to Unit-076 and wanted to keep her, until the project was unexpectedly shut down and ordered to kill off the hybrid children to cover up the project. Rosemary became aware of this and decided to take Unit-076 with her then fled from the compound, upon returning to the farm she lived she was then shot in the back and eventually taken to the hospital by her husband, Rosemary dies from her injuries but requested that Henry will take the child and raise her as his own, and since her death he did as requested naming the girl Valery Elisabeth Winter, she was later raised in Townsend, Wisconsin by Henry (now a pastor) along with her older brother Brandon. Valery was a unique but rather adventurous child who was close to Brandon and attended to Sunday School almost every sunday and attended church with her brother and father but however it all changed when Brandon (then sixteen) was shot and killed by an unknown gunman and the town fell into panic over the possibility that there was a serial killer on the loose.

Val was devastated and heartbroken over losing her brother that she began to doubt her faith as a Catholic, then she became inspired to become an FBI agent when the killer was caught by the FBI that she decided that she should be an agent to help other people. After Brandon's funeral and the jury declaring the killer to be sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole Val began attending to her studies and stopped attending to church; much to Henry's dismay, she eventually graduated from high school then had a heated argument with her father over her decision to study law enforcement, it later resulted in Val leaving Townsend unannounced and she attended college where she earned a master's degree in criminology. At age twenty seven she joined the FBI and partnered up with a fellow agent named Anna who is quite the opposite from Val; Anna is rather timid and Val is never afraid to speak up and never afraid to be bold in her words and actions. During this time Val fell in love with a soldier named Garrett, who seemed to have brightened her already dark pit in herself.

But the normality of her life was not there for long when she began an investigation into a possible terrorist strike on a group of scientists experimenting with paranormal abilities, such a thing Val was skeptical about in this case. During her stay with the scientists she bonded with a little boy named David whose mother is one of the scientists, Dr. Grace Renfield and she began to see signs of physical abuse on the boy, he pleaded with Val not to take his mother to jail because she was afraid of him. At first it never made sense to her until Dr. Renfield unexpectedly revealed her dark side; verbally abusive to other scientists on the field and locked Val up in a chamber to leave her to die with radiation exposure. However Val escaped from the chamber and revealed to the other scientists that Dr. Renfield tried to kill her through exposure to radiation and that through evidence based on Val's unique skill of hacking that it was founded Dr. Renfield was planning to kill David and the other scientists because she viewed them as useless for her obsessive research. Once Val commanded Dr. Renfield to allow the other scientists and David to leave, she revealed to Val that she was expecting the radiation to kill her but was stunned to find Val is immune to it and still alive.

It was there that Dr. Renfield revealed to Val that there was a project from almost thirty years ago called "The Hybridization Project" set to create alien-human hybrids to turn them into super-soldiers for many secret government agencies and it would appear to Dr. Renfield that Val was one of the surviving hybrids that was meant to have been killed when the project was called off. Val did not believe this however and believed Dr. Renfield to be insane and had a suspension that Dr. Renfield was the terrorist; however once Dr. Renfield was arrested, sent to prison and David stayed with Val for a short time before the child protective services took the boy, her theory on Dr. Renfield as a terrorist was proven wrong when she encountered the true terrorist, a woman only known as Ivy who almost killed both Val and Garrett by setting up an explosive inside of Val's apartment. When she confronted Ivy, it was revealed Ivy along with several clones of herself framed Val by making a death of her boss at the headquarters appear to point at her. Val was confused by it until she found herself confronting more Ivy's than she expected, it was confirmed Ivy was one of the surviving hybrids brought up by a Russian scientist on her own agenda. Val tried to clear her name but found herself arrested for the murder of her boss and several co-workers, even rumors that she spread sensitive government information which was indeed false thanks to Ivy.

She later escaped from the authorities, broke off her relationship with Garrett who wanted to help clear her name then Val later began hiding out in Anna's apartment and eventually purposely stealing the government information which did confirm what Ivy and Dr. Renfield said; that there was such a project that was called off because of concerns that hybrids would be a threat. There were two missing hybrids which was Unit-076 and another Unit-090, just when she downloaded the files in a flashdrive, there was a raid in Anna's apartment and Val was quick to notice there was a raid coming that without Anna realizing it; Val stole her car, her computer and her credit card with a plan to erase her identity and escape without a trace. Six years later Val is still on the run; her natural golden blonde hair now dyed red, traveled city to city while she began using her newly awakened abilities of technopathy to communicate in a telepathic manner to electronic devices (which she now uses for her hacking skills) and goes by many names, one as a hacker name is known to some cybercrime stoppers as Wrath.
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