The character for plot idea

(The characters for the romance is Hanchi and '?'. The others are extras to keep the story interesting)

Hachi- Female17, medium length brown hair, brown eyes, slim body, and is very aggressive
Youmi- Female 17, Hachi's best friend. Chubby face, medium length brown hair, brown eyes, slim body with some curves, and is boy crazy
Kazi- Hachi's other best friend, has a crush on her. Very tall, skinny, and smart.
?- young master of Hiyouri family. Against her moving in, but falls for Hachi eventually, Hachi is his fiance as well. Is very (you can make up his aspects and choose his name)
His mom- name is Yiana, she likes to listen into their conversations and is very stubborn
Tichi- ?'s best friend. He is also from a very rich family. He likes Hachi alot. He is very smart like Kanzi and is very kind.
Chan- the guy that Youmi likes, but Chanlikes Hachi. He is very stupid and likes to play games. Is good at everything but singing.
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