The Supernatural Detective

Name: Simon Musano

Gender: Male


Height: 6'3

Weight: 186 pounds

Personality: Simon can be described similar to that of a coin as there are two sides to this mysterious young man. The first side seems to be a wonderful gentleman who shows kindness towards everyone he meets. He acts clumsy and gives off a friendly aura to those that are around him. He acts and treats everyone in a respectful manner acting as a humble gentleman to gain the trust of other. The second side is a much stoic and rather deceiving side that often manipulates people through their emotions to make them play right into his hands. Being a detective he has learned how to get answers out of people without lifting a single finger and his overall charisma is astounding to the point of disbelief. This side can be seen more as a ruthless and cold persona as their is very little Simon wouldn't do to complete his duties.

Bio: Ever since his career as a detective Simon has successfully kept crime at an all time low throughout his beloved city. Outdoing his seniors and solving crimes in mere weeks that took them months Simon was considered a prodigy among prodigy due to his abnormal intelligence. While Samuel's popularity was well known to his fellow peers he as kept his identity a secret from the public only allowing certain individuals to know his true identity and his numerous achievements that he has completed in his line of work. He has even allowed others to take full credit for his work to drive suspicion away from himself and his work. This often allows him to perform his job in peace without anyone flooding him with meaningless questions and also protects him from criminals that would want to hunt him down.

-Able to read a person through their body movements and is able to almost instantly figure out if someone is lying to him
-Skilled marksman
-Knowledgeable in psychology, forensics science, mathematics, and magic

Standard Equipment:
-Enchanted revolver meant to kill mystical creatures and other magical beings
-An enchanted vest meant to protect him from weapons and magic alike
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