Isabelle Kane

Name: Isabelle Kane.

Date of Birth: Physically looks in her twenties, but her age depends on the roleplay. Could be young, could be old, could be ancient.

Gender: Female

Species: Human.

Status: Witch.

Sexual Preference: bisexual.

Hair: dark brown

Eyes: hazel

Personality/Attitude: Always seems like she's about to school you on existential questions, which is why she often gives people advice. Sometimes her vague answers irk people. Otherwise, she's friendly, kind, yet ruthless to her enemies.

Skills/Talents: traditional magic. Often believes to converse with various deities. Otherwise, works as a spiritual adviser to very different and unlikely people.

Religion/Beliefs: Works alongside various deities, sometimes leaving offerings, but no more. Has bad experience with fanatical devotion.

Bio may change depending on the roleplay:

-High Priestess of some pagan religion

-Adviser to a notable person (a pack leader, a master vampire, mob boss, a freaking president)

-A young woman that grew up in a pagan family, and is just trying to make a life

-A witch that separated herself from modern society

-A high warlock, that sells her magical services


"There's not magic without arousal."
"The universe wants to save you. And kill you. To be fair, they are one and the same."

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