Name: Macee Link
Species: Demon, which she has dark purple horns, a long thin black tail with rather sharp teeth. She is mistaken for a succubus mainly because of how she acts
Appearance: She has an hourglass shape, she's is 5'5, Macee has mid length nails that are painted a dark shade of purple. Macee also tends to keep her hair down, which it reaches the center of her back. Macee does have her ears pierced which she typically wears dark purple heart earrings, as well as she had a eyebrow piercing.
Personality: Macee can be rather rude from time to time but she tends to be rather nice. She can be angered rather easily though. Macee does tend to act like she’s all that when she’s walking around town not on a hunt or anything. She also can be very flirty and perverted when it comes to jokes.
Method of Killing: She’ll get behind someone who is alone, wrap her arms around them, and stab them in the chest.
Extra: Macee’s body is typically as cold as ice.
Backstory: Macee had a pretty normal life, her parents had been fairly nice to her. But when she had turned 9 her older sister had become extremely sick, which they had been extremely close. Macee’s sister eventually died, that’s when things had turned to the worse. Macee hadn’t been able to be close with anyone other than her sister. Macee had been close with some other people but when her sister died she had become distant and eventually lost them. She began to slowly isolate herself and began a to drive herself insane, her brother’s girlfriend had been over and Macee had killed her after she had been rather rude to her brother. Macee had ran off into the woods and hadn’t been seen again by any of her family.
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