DinoSaurs and Melon

Name: Hui
Age:6 years old
Nicknames: Babyboy, bubble lips, bubby,huihui, angel, and more.

Background: Hui's little space is more of an entirely different personality.He normally doesn't remember anything that happened while he regressed. It's a coping mechanism, it helps him deal with abuse he suffered when he was a teenager. In his space he's much more carefree, trusting, enthusiastic, and loving. He's very well mannered,and normally keeps to himself. For a six year old he's very intelligent,and loves to read. He doesn't complain and worries about others.He's very sensitive and people have to take caution when talking to him or explaining things to him.Because, more than likely he can take it the wrong way.

Hui has only ever had one care giver and it's his current fiance, Kim HyoJong (EDawn).In his little space,it's not much different out of it, when it comes to Hui and how he feels about Dawn. Little Hui adores Dawn, and always tries his best to make him proud. He hates when he is upset, and is always in a rush to please him when he feels he's done something wrong.

Dawn is the first person Hui has ever felt completely comfortable with inside of his space. They are both still learning about how each other works when Hui is his six year old self, and that's okay. Dawn does a wonderful job of making him feel safe and happy. The love and adoration that Hui has for Dawn only intensifies when he's in his space.

Likes: Dinosaurs, Lilo and Stitch, Melon, Legos, Drawing and coloring, dress up, Sunny D, dry cereal, the color gray, museums,dancing, Dawn, and his puppy Kim Chi

Dislikes: Being yelled at, talked down to, scolded, when he feels he's done something wrong, soda, dark chocolate, bed time, being completely alone, crying,loud and sudden noises, the dark, spicy foods.

How to force him to regress: When out of his space Hui isn't completely comfortable with his little space. He see's it as a burden to others. But, if someone wanted to force him to his space, these are a few ways.

-Put on Jurassic Park/ Lilo and Stitch
-Tell him it's bed time/nap time.
Ask him to color something for you
-When Dawn calls him by his nicknames
-Tell him he's a good boy
-Give him a coloring book and crayons
-Ask him about Dinosaurs
-Make him a bowl of cereal
-Lay him down for a nap
-Tell him 'Dinner first'
-Put his seat belt on for him
-He is still a learning six year old so have him work on worksheets
-Be Dawn.
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