Balrog? My beauties...

Morgoth is visiting all his ancient fortresses to find if there is some of his old servants.
Something of fire and shadow, creature that Middle Earth maybe forget thinking they are all dead but he know where find them... Balrogs.
He decides to reunite his servants all at Mordor, he said the orcs to say around that their Lord is back.
In the meanwhile he is at Khand he didn't like a lot that place, hot full of Sun... But he want to know more about all this period.

He is walking on the road for Khand, he left the place for some months.
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Delmos Casually he was riding back towards Khand after burning down another village in Gondor and robbing it of everything, this time taking more slaves than usual and not letting anyone escape, also killing those giving up. If Gondor has to fall, they are planning to make them very very weak before the last strike.
He is riding his big black horse followed by his warriors. "My Lords. Glad to see you and I am also glad to tell you it was another success."
YungPride He admires Sauron when he bows at him, °Glad to see you Mairon.
I have news too but don't make me wait, tell me what happened.°
He glances at Del'mos. °Only a little achievement nothing compared to the final great prize. °
He glances at Mairon, °I was right, my old friends are reunited and ready to join us°
Altherius Althus suddenly stops his Talbuk and stands atop the cliff, looking in their general direction and narrowing his eyes. The Draenei can certainly feel their energies and being so close to both Dark Lords at once makes a total mess indeed.
He just stands there now. Wind toying with his black cloak and fair hair.
Skyler-i «I will tell when in a better place, I hate the stench and energies of spying creatures all around.»
He snaps his fingers, having paper and pen appear in the air. «I am sure you will be proud of me, though.» He smirks and waves at Althus.
«How beautiful! Good friends never disappoint us!»
Delmos "Of course not but we will just keep achiving more and more victories from now on.
Old friends?"