1. No God-modding. Please don't control my characters.

2. Only third person roleplays, from both sides. I won't accept anyone that roleplays in first person.

3.If you read and agree with my rules, comment the missing number (s), if you don't agree, please ignore my request or don't send me a request.

5.Please respect my time. If I don't reply, I'm not ignoring you, I'm just probably busy.

6.BE LITERATE.Boring text talk and illiterate stuff aren't allowed here.

7. Regarding the last point, this is about one-liners. I find them annoying so try to avoid this problem.

8. Every genre, (except Sci-fi, high school themes, parties, medieval and superhero) are all accepted so please, don't ask if I'm fine with this or that. I just need a plot and there won't be any problem.

9. Don't be a jerk. This is not a rule, it's common sense.

10. I believe this is a common rule but you send the request, you send the first message. As I don't want ghost friends, everybody that doesn't send the first message in 24 hours will be deleted.

11.I realized some unfriend without any reason... You either talk to me if you have any problem or tell me something isn't going to work, now if you want to be a jerk and unfriend without any reason, I will block you.

12. I can use 2 characters at the same time, however, give me a good reason to do so.

13. Please, don't come in character or send a starter right in the first message.

14. I almost never do ero with guys so if that is your idea, please go look for someone else. You can try your luck tho, don't expect much.

15. I find weird and sort of betrayed with guys roleplaying as female characters, much more when it's for ero purposes.
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21 | Feb 13th 2018 11:42