~~Plot Ideas~~

Number 1-
She was the new girl in town,Not known by anyone just a loner with a grusm past.
Her Grandmother told her she needed to get friends,She thought other wise.A boy walks into her life and she didnt know that her feelings were going to be this strong.They became friends but what she didnt know is he had already fallen for her but she didnt want anything to do with boys.Can he break her walls?Is he able to find out about her past and heal what was broken?Lets leave that up to them.

Number 2-
She was a dancer he was a famous football player.But when they are both being forced to go to a ball he asks her for dancing lessons.Whats going to happen when these two have to meet up everyday?Will friends turn to something even more?Or will these two keep it friend zoned and stay Blind to life?

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