Growing attached

After his stay in Nortrig, Ethan has decided to return to Middle-Earth. The land is growing on him, he absolutely loves it...the nature, the air, the climate...everything just soothes him and makes him feel so nice and relaxed here.

Good thing is that the fox is recovering from what was done to him, but there is a part that will never recover and that it will always give him a feeling of sickness, how could anyone forget that?
BUT thing is that he is known for his fast recovery and masking his true feelings with the cheerful attitude.
Instead of endangering Sunrise, he left him in the West and bought a new horse here in Middle-Earth. A beautiful black stallion and he traveled all the way to Rohan to get one.
For the first time these men saw a man with a fox tail, but they assumed that he must be one of the Skin Changers, even if beyond short for one...

Currently, Ethan is on his way back, riding across the land and taking breaks here and there.
He stopped by the little stream to refresh himself and the horse.
"I still haven't thought a name for you. It's difficult. Dusk...I think Dusk is fine. Or Midnight? Hmmm, Midnight fits you better doesn't it? Your coat is so dark." The fox smiled and he brushed his hand on the horse's neck before sitting on the ground and curling up a bit. It is cold and night is falling, luckily his bushy tail is making him super warm!
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2 | Feb 13th 2018 08:57
Ethan_Fox He has to agree with what KM says...despite his unconditional love towards Gwyneth, his heart will always yearn for Carlie as well.
Ethan goes a bit oO when Mirwen says the last words, oh he knows his mother would have skinned him alive had she known how many women he had been with. (XD) Maybe one day she will, when and if he permanently dies...ever? (XD)
"SO..." He suddenly felt like to interrupt the subject. "What are your plans? I am a jobless Agent at the moment who is drained of his energies to fight the corrupt people of my world, soooo...I was thinking if there was a little way for me to be useful here. I have nothing to do in Rivendell." (XD)
The_Savage He shrugs. «Either she didn't like him enough or the other way round. I find Carlie an extremely interesting woman, she certainly was even back then.»
Mirwen "The other way round probably. He would have had revenge, he doesn't like to be refused.
I am almost curious to meet this girl.
Khand always need workers. Good workers."
Ethan_Fox He prays deep inside that Del'mos won't take Carlie as a third wife, let alone Carlie agreeing to that even. He puffs out some air as a sign of sigh.
"Workers? I am...I am not a worked I am an's what I'm good at. I don't ... I don't really- depends what kind of work?" He looks at Mirwen.
The_Savage «I wouldn't dare to have revenge on Carlie. If he is wise, he wouldn't have tried in any case.»