The Woods

- Due to being so heavily inspired by WoW soundtrack which incredibly reminds me of Middle-Earth in every way...Althus just fits the theme so well hence why I'm RPing him here in Middle-Earth as well. -

Things are changing, every world has its own troubles and dark sides, Althus has learned to adapt and live with it, but also oppose it and help whoever he can.
What Draenei hopes for is that the Dark Elves will consider his advice, he prays that they do not side with the Dark Lords in the scheme to destroy everything that is good and beautiful.
Orcs, however, are beings that only obey the will of the Dark Lords and it occasionally happens that they do attack local villages, local travelers, take prisoners and whatnot...
On top of that, there are also Goblins that stalk the travelers, dangers lurk all over the land.

The Draenei was on yet another long journey, night is falling and it is time to pause the journey and wait until dawn.
He is settled in the woods, thick woods that have little mist falling, making it look haunted and scary no doubt.
Wargs tend to roam these parts, Orc patrols, even Trolls. Strangely they are turning bolder and traveling farther than before, it makes Althus believe it is because of the return of the Dark Lords.
He leans back against the rock where he settled down, taking his bow off and laying it on the ground, then covering himself with his thick black cloak.
Evidently he was in a battle, as his gear is a little stained.
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Mirwen "It is a magic that I didn't know was possible, since a few years I found out."
She stares at the creature, keeping it like that for some moment. She doesn't say anything to Althus, not intending to argue.

Del'kos instead frowns a little. "What was she supposed to do? Let it kill you two?"

"Shut up, let him think we are the monsters he wants us to be."
Ho_Nii She snorts and sits back near the fire. «What about you come to holidays in the East by me, instead? As my guests. I could spare you a whole residence, if you don't like to share. I would have much to show you, without having to discuss politics, fight and argue every 12 hours.»
Altherius He does not comment, it's clear he does not like them, primarily as they sided with the Dark Lords and that they did not want to think of the consequences for the world.
"This was a fire drake. Strange for it to come all the way to these parts..." He said, looking ahead and being a bit thoughtful.
Mirwen "Nice proposal but I have to reach the Shire. Is it possible for you a portal back to Khand, instead of going all the way back, when it will be the time?
I could say the same about you." She sits on Del'kos' lap, curling up a little.