Raylea Marie Hadid (This is me well my charcter fo

Name:Raylea Marie Hadid
Age:(Child 2 and a half) 18
Realationship Status:Taken
Sister:To many to count
Brother:To many to count
Personality:Sweet and Wierd,I have a wierd personality I have awful mood swings and yeah well thats just me

I was adopted by Gigi Hadid then she renamed me and named me Raylea Hadid.I love my family so much they are a big part of my life and honestly I love them for who they are because they never change no matter what happens.Ive went through some painful realationships but i always managed to come out stronger then ever and im still playing with fire and dancing with the devil.When you see me hope you know i wont bite (Much :p) I love everyone for who they are and i will never ever judge you because you are different thats one thing i never will do,Because i have went through that myself and honestly I dont want others to be treated like me so i treat them like i wanted to be treated.

Mental illnesses:Depression,Suicidal thoughts,Anxiety,bipolar,Flash backs,and others
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