Roleplay Rules and Preferences

First off, let me say I am very happy you've considered roleplaying with me. I love writing and character interaction, and I'm really looking forward to meeting new roleplayers. There are some things in roleplay I either avoid, go into a lot or just some weird quirks you should know about. Those are all listed below.

1-Characters and Character Interaction/Relationships

I don't do a lot of roleplays that are involved with a fandom. I prefer original characters and original storylines.
I am open to romance in basically any storyline. I'm comfortable with MxM, FxF or FxM. All my characters swing either way. I actually really enjoy one of the characters being older.
Please remember, my character is not going to change their perspectives and views as soon as meeting your OC. Please use your better judgment to decide if the two would be a good match.
I need you to understand ONE thing; if I ever start describing your character's personality or appearance during the roleplay, this is NOT me trying to change them. It is simply what MY character's point of view is.

2-Length and Description

As stated on my profile, I will do semi through multi para. I will not to Novella because I have this life that doesn't allow for long extensive roleplays.
I never expect you to match my lines. Whether you do more or less, it's entirely up to you. So long as it helps the story and isn't just a dead end, I am never going to judge you or ask for more.

3-Mature Themes and Dark Topics

I'll be honest, my roleplays can get a little dark. Several of my characters have messed up backgrounds or screwy personalities and there is a reason for that. It is very common for my roleplays to go into mature areas, please make sure you're comfortable with that.

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