Role play starter Princes little pet.

Amara is a girl who lives on the outskirts of the the kingdom, she goes into town about three time a month for supplies for her work and for her home. Her home is a small cottage connected to other building know as the witches hut medical center.
Amara herself is consider a witch because she is common herbs to heal people and no one really knows how she does it.

*Today was the annual fall festival which is held every 5th September, she went into town to watch the carts go by with decoration that represents fall. Sunny pulled her hood up when small colored paper fell from the sky. she looked at the prince [Y/N] smiled slightly. She thought he handsome but every girl that prince y/n was had even glace at thought so has well. He had beautiful eyes and perfect hair and body, but she wouldn't let herself fall in love her work was to important to her. Even though everyone that she was a witch but really she was a medical herbalist and she enjoy her job and loved helping people. *

After a the festival was half away through and she gathered what she need to. She went leave but someone had knocked into her which lead to her to knock into a post knocking into cart and made it fall in front of cart which made the parade stop. Amara had already disappeared back to her house slightly embarrassed. She didn't know that the prince had gotten hurt and had a cut on his arm and that they are taking him to her work so she could get him help.

when you walked in she was on putting thing up and slightly yelp when she saw you walk in and disappear under the counter acting like she was putting jar of herbs away she was slightly scared because the prince is known to be mean and a basic bad boy that why girls love him, she kept acting like she busy and you.

6+ Line
Sorry if the starter is bad
I am just getting use to making them
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