RP idea #2 (demon child) 18+ (females and males we

My character has no knowledge of her family history not who her parents are or even where she's from all that she really knows is for some reason no one really wanted to take her out of foster care she was passed around from home to home until she was 18 she got kicked from the system and basically had to make it on her own not that she wasn't used to it for the most part things were pretty good she didn't really worry about when she'll have to pack her bag again, if she'll have to deal with more host parents who didn't care, or even other kids in group homes stealing her cash that took her forever to make it's just been her comfortable in her new apartment but lately odd things have been happening it hadn't been anything to big at first just a few lights flickering here and there, a candle randomly going out, and sometimes a door she may or may not of remembered to close but point is it never really was anything to questionable..but lately things have just been off her eyes seem darker then usual...almost..well.. to be honest black, her teeth even seem to be sharper not all of them but the ones on the corners of her mouth both top and bottom and lately she had this really odd feeling inside of her that there was more to this then she was willing to believe but that also just felt really stupid to believe and for the life of her she felt like it was getting impossible to stay cold lately all she ever felt now was warmth something seriously began to feel wrong but she figured it was nothing...it had to be nothing...right ?

(we can discuss the detail of this RP and exactly when our character's meet I don't mind if they became friends in the system or suddenly just meet on the street as long as you provide a decent partnership)
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1 | Jan 12th 2018 21:32