The Monster.

It was a pleasant and peaceful September morning, a gentle morning fog rolling across the ground, the leaves just starting to change color amd fall off the branches of the tree's. A very bearable chill to the air. Autumn. Blithe's favorite season, not to mention that it had her favorite holiday, her son who also had a very big love for Halloween.

Noah Samuel Winchester was a special little boy, everything about him was unique. With two different colored eye's, one a rich warm gold and the other a color that never seemed to make up it's mind of what beautiful shade it wanted to be. His dad's dimples in his sweet smile, dark honey blonde hair like his Uncle Amoreel's, his goofball personality like his other Uncle Gavreel. His grandpa Gabriel's charm, and his mother's undying love for all things art. These thing's made him special, but what really made this little one special was what he was. A nephilim, his mother an archangel and his father a human with a legendary status as a hunter who came from a bloodline of the world's best damn hunters. However, Noah had an extra little power within him. When he was just six months old, a demon with yellow eye's by the name of Cirice fed him her blood. Wanting to taint the innocence side of his human side.

Wide awake, Noah was seated comfortably in his Nana Winchester's lap as she read him a story from a very old book. His two colored eye's staring interestedly at the page as his grandmother spoke, softly stroking her hand in his hair. Evie loved her grandson and so did Celeste. Both women were absolutely crazy over Noah, but Noah had a very soft spot for his grandma and grandpa Winchester.

The story choice this morning was Hansel and Gretel, very grim and dark for a children's book, but it was what Noah wanted to have read to him. "Are you sure you don't want me to read you another book, pumpkin?" Evie asked softly as she refrained before continuing on to where the witch was about to be burned alive in her own oven.

Noah nestled in closely and shook his head. "I wanna hear about the witch getting killed, read it, Nana." He wasn't afraid of anything.

Evie laughed softly, planting a kiss on his forehead as she continued. Eventually her attention looking from the book and over to the front door as it opened and in came Sam followed by Jay.

Noah looked over and as he did, those two colored eye's lit up like a Christmas tree, smiling and his little dimples showing. "Daddy! Grandpa!" He screeched, the sudden rush of excitement caused the lamp's lightbulb to burst. A effect from his growing power and abilities, they were hard to contain at times. It was even worse when he had a temper tantrum. Something Blithe did her best to work with Noah on and to control and channel his grace.

Noah's face suddenly fell, looking as if he did something horribly wrong by what had happened, quickly looking at his grandmother with an apologetic expression. "I didn't mean to do that. I'm sorry, Nana." His voice quiet.

Evie set the book aside and shook her head, hugging him close before looking him in the eye's. "It's okay, pumpkin. It was an accident, okay?" Her voice filled with reassurance, kissing his cheek.

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Aduantas Zadkiel wrapped an arm around Amelia's shoulder and pulled her just that much more closer against him as he looked at his watch and then towards the starry night sky. The sky began to illuminated softly with the flying paper lanterns. "Look at the sky." Zadkiel smiled as fireworks began to be blown off, their bright vibrant colors bursting and lighting everything beautiful feature Amelia had. He took the time now to take out the small black velvet box from his pocket. The last burst of fireworks that had went off exploded with a message. The words, 'Marry Me?', spelled out across the sky. Zadkiel already down on one knee and opened the box. A beautiful and elaborate silver ring with a large sapphire in the middle, intricate diamonds surrounding the gem and going around band itself. "What do you say, Juliet? You wanna get married to me?" Using her nickname he had given her all those years ago when they first met.
Winchesters Amelia was crying. Tears ploppedon the ground and she laughed, nodding. "Yeah. Yes!" The second that ring was on her she was stuck on him, hugging him and laughing. "You didn't have to do all this..." Amelia was happy either way. She gave him the happiest kiss.
Aduantas Zadkiel scooped her up in their embrace, just holding Amelia close to him. Being just made the happiest celestial being in the entire world in that moment. Closing his eye's and remembering all that they went through together. The good and the bad, Amelia stuck right by him and he did the same for her. They were simply meant to be. "I wanted too because you deserved something so elaborate. I promise you that I will spend the rest of my day's doing my very best to make you happy." Returning that kiss, letting it turn into something beautiful and lingering like it was the last time he would be kissing her this way.
Winchesters She tangled her hands in his hair, keeping him there until she was gasping for air. She laughed quietly. "Does this mean you'll take my last name, angel?" She laughed happily.
Aduantas "Zadkiel Novak.." getting this little grin on him, staring down at her to plant a kiss to her forehead. "I think it has a very nice ring to it, don't you think?" Leaning in to peck at her lips.


Now at the gas station, Jackie was filling up her orange little Volkswagen beetle. Opening her wallet and only having just a few dollars to her name. Frowning softly and biting her lip, she looked to Noah who was leaning against the car and fiddling around with his ring again. Then over at Xavier before walking over to Noah. "Hey, I'm not one to steal, but we are in desperate measures." Looking around to make sure no one else was listening. "Can you go and do your mind thing?"

Noah nodded and smiled down at his witchy little friend, patting her shoulder as he started in for the gas station. Noah grabbed a few things, snacks for the road, drinks and a mad magazine. Walking out towards the door before he got stopped.

"Sir, you have to pay for those!" The clerk called out to him.

Noah slowly glanced over his shoulder, channeling his grace, mismatched eye's now glowing their amber color. "You are going to let me go and take what I need. I was never here. Do you understand?" Using his mind manipulation on the store clerk.

"Yeah, sure. I understand.." the clerk spoke in a confused tone.

Noah nodded and walked out, handing Jackie her usual bag of Doritos and a snapple tea. Putting the rest in the backseat, whistling to Xavier to get into the car. Noah wiped the blood he felt coming from nose on the back of his hand, running in his hair. Hopefully that small amount of grace he used didn't bring too much attention.