OC Matsuyuki Chiura

Name: Matsuyuki Chiura
Nickname(s): Yuki

Age: 19
Date of Birth: 27 May
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: Homosexual
Role: Seme
Relationship status: Single
Occupation: Student and works at bakery

(Mental) illness: N/A
Fears: Needles, growing up

Species: Human
Eye color: Royal blue
Hair color: Blonde
Height: 5’7 ft

Body stature: Has a slender form with long legs, but is stronger than he looks.
Appearance: Yuki has a babyface which easily appeals young girls and boys. His radiant smile is what makes him all the more attractive along with his handsome eyes and joyful aura. Yuki has one piercing in his right ear and two in his left one. He adores cute accessories that match his stylish outfits, but has surprisingly cute PJs he wears at night.

Likes: Sweets, cuddling, singing, cooking/baking, teasing, clinginess, gaming.
Dislikes: Tension, serious people, people with no humor, gloom.

Personality: Yuki is a bundle of happiness and shines brighter than any star in the galaxy. He is very carefree and his childish behavior is what makes him look so cute. However, even though he sometimes acts innocent, he usually knows very well what he’s doing, which makes him deceiving. He is also quite the tease, but is very kindhearted and loves to pamper his lover. There isn’t a day that goes by when he doesn’t show his lover how crazy he is about him.

Mother: Katana Fujioka
Father: Hayate Chiura
Brother(s): N/A
Sister(s): N/A

Virgin: Yes
Turn ons: Nipple-play, teasing, begging, compliments, public, neck kissing, rimming, hickeys.
Turn offs: Faked moans, scratching, violence, degrading.

Background: Yuki’s birthmother died in a plane crash when he was around six years old. That time had been the darkest time of his life, but his father’s new girlfriend had made it a whole lot easier on him. It took him a while to accept her, but after everything she had done for him, she definitely earned her place in the family and now they get along very well. Yuki doesn’t care much for obligations, including school, but keeps up his grades anyway. All he cares about is having fun and enjoying his youth while he still can. The last thing he can think about is growing up and become an adult, his freedom being completely gone, which is why he refuses to talk or even think about the future. He would love to find a boyfriend whom he could spoil and share everything with.


{ ‘’Chocolate? Sure, go ahead and take it from me~!’’ }

{ ‘’For now, these marks will show others that you’re mine. Maybe in the future, I will turn them into a ring~’’ }

{ ‘’You’ve got some chocolate on the corner of your mouth. No, leave it! I got it…~’’ }
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