To my princess {Just a letter/crappy but ya know}

My dear and beautiful wife,

Honestly I dont even know where to begin. You're the most beautiful woman ive ever met. You make my heart fill with joy and after this long, I still love you and I would never do anything to hurt you, Meeting you was the best thing that happened in my life, my whole entire existence you were the best thing. As I lay here watching you sleep, I count myself counting the number of freckles you have on your back and the lovely little way you say my name. You my dearest Princess, are my soulmate and Im so happy I met you, every single day I spend with you becomes my new favorite day. My love for you is unnconditonal and it will remain until my very last breath and guess what baby? Im immortal. I love you so much more than any mortal has ever loved anyone.
Forever yours,
Eros x
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1 | Jan 12th 2018 19:48
Cupid i love you. ?