iv. 데이트

i. How to get Nari to like you

1. Take your time to get to know Nari, she likes it when male or female are interested in her personality wise.

2. Be yourself, there is no reason to show a different you!

3. Just asking simple things like 'how are you? ' or 'did anything fun today?' are things Nari appreciate dearly

4. Take the lead and put her on her place when needed, Nari can be like a little child and need to have a hard talk sometimes due to her eating disorder and bad habits.

ii. When Nari likes you

1. She gets extremely clingy (not always)

2. Likes to tease and fool around with you

3. Gets worried quickly and tries to make you feel better when you are down with everything she has.

4. Uses aeygo to get what she wants from you (Hugs, kisses etc)

5. Cracks up a sexual joke from time to time

iii. What you date Nari it includes

1. Lots and lots of cuddles and kisses

2. Lots of cute messages to help you through the day

3. Being a submissive little girl (When she feels like it, because damn she can be a huge brat).

4. Making sure you eat well with home cooked dinners.

5. Helping with planning of cute dates.

6. Giving you all her love she has in her.

7. Unlimited 'I like you' and 'I love you'

8. Being your nurse when you are sick~
More to be added later~
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