OC Jessie Durink

Name: Jessie Durink
Nickname(s): Jess, slut

Age: 15
Date of Birth: November 6
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: Homosexual
Role: Uke
Relationship status: Single
Occupation: Student, part-time job at clothing store

(Mental) illness: N/A
Fears: Being a disappointment

Species: Human
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Black
Height: 5’3 ft

Body stature: Very feminine build; slim and small in every way.
Appearance: Jessie has a young and innocent appearance that really suits his age. His eyes are big and crystal clear and he often uses them to create sad puppy-dog eyes or an innocent angelic look when he has done something he shouldn’t have. His skin is quite pale, but in a healthy way and he is quite small for his age. His eyes can switch from angelic to mischievous in just a matter of seconds.

Likes: Flirting, his job, guys of all ages, chocolate, dogs, compliments.
Dislikes: Rejection, scolding, yelling, being embarrassed, feeling weak or powerless.

Personality: One of his good traits is his cheerful behavior along with his determination, though in some cases the latter one can be a bit of a bother to others. He puts up quite an act of seeming confident and sometimes even a bit arrogant, though in truth he is actually quite insecure and it’s all a masquerade to hide that. He’s as stubborn as can be and tends to seek for comfort when he’s embarrassed about himself, especially after a harsh rejection.

Mother: Charlotte Durink
Father: Richard Durink
Brother(s): N/A
Sister(s): Kayleigh Durink, 18

Virgin: Yes
Turn ons: Kinky stuff, bondage, toys, edging, rimming, frottage, spanking, master/slave roleplay (or any kind really), being treated like a pet, dirty talk, ‘punishments’, public sex.
Turn offs: Choking, bloodplay, fisting, anything that seriously hurts.

Background: Jessie is not really noticed at home as his parents are too busy working and barely speaking to him when he’s home. He’s also got a complicated relationship with his older sister, who doesn’t really care about anyone but herself. Because of this, Jessie has developed a huge desire to be recognized and to demand everyone’s attention, to make him feel less unwanted. He soon realized the best way to do that was by flirting with any man he came across. Whether they appreciated it or not, at least he got their attention for a moment, and sometimes their girlfriend’s as well… This has been going on for quite a while, yet he never seemed to be able to sleep with those who were interested in him. His first time is surprisingly precious to him and is something he only wishes to give to someone he truly feels comfortable with and whom he trusts.


{ ‘’What? Are you saying you don’t want a taste of this juicy bum~?’’ }

{ ‘’I’m all yours, master. Use me however you please, just don’t look at anyone else but me~’’ }

{ ‘’It feels like you can see right through me… I’ve never felt this special in my entire life before.’’ }
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