Liam((magic stuff))

Name: Liam
Age: 18
Race: human((ish))
Title: Chaos incarnate
Personality: kind and caring, though can turn cold and uncaring at a single moment.
Weapon: Chaos
Bio: Liam was born to kind loving parents whom he watched die in front of him. In that moment he swore vengeance and joined a cult to gain the power he needed. He quickly rose to the top ranks and became one of the most powerful three. He was deemed the weird of chaos and was given his new blade. Soon after the cult was destroyed leaving him and the other three who went their seperate ways. Liam found the men that killed his family and quickly eliminated them. Now he wanders with no real purpose.

Name: Chaos
Age: ???
Race: sword((broadsword))
Title: death
Personality: insane, quick to anger, hates it when people get close to Liam
Powers: gives weilder form of chaos 1-20, all giving a significant boost to weilders power, and giving him slightly more control over his host
Bio: chaos is the most powerful of his three brothers and the first created by the god of death to reek havoc. However such a task bored him and he simply prefers to relax, at least until he and his brothers were captured. It was then the swordsman Liam took him up and he remembered what it was like to kill, making him desire the kill once more. He will stop at nothing to get his way...well unless Liam won't let him...then he's basically powerless
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